Powerful Note from a new Barbella client.

June 21, 2019

Making that call to you was SCARY (I found you thru google and I will be forever grateful I did). Walking into your studio was an event... I had the worst sleep the night before because I couldn’t stop thinking about all the reasons why I shouldn’t meet you the next morning (my life story, excuses). Somehow I got myself dressed and to the studio yesterday morning, my anxiety was thru the roof and I was SWEATING (this was before we did a mini workout).
I was greeted with the most genuine smile and comforting introduction, I could feel your true passion the moment you said hello. This moment may be a typical happening for you everyday, but for me this moment has already changed my life (thank you).
Your space is beautiful and so calming. Your energy was contagious and somehow you made me (the women who’s avoided her health for 30+ years, it’s a harsh reality) feel like I can actually do this.
Why did I come to you? I had to. My doctor reminded me how over weight I am, he also talked to me about the health risks I am facing because I am not active at all. It’s hard to hear but to be honest this is not the first time I have heard this from him. I have been hiding from my health journey behind work, food and excuses my entire life.
What changed this time, you asked me this.
The serious health risks I may now be facing, and I’m not looking for sympathy, I am looking to you to guide me and support me because this won’t be easy, but it HAS to be done. My kids are getting older and my daughter reminded me she wants me to be active with my grandkids in the near future.. that hit me hard and really helped push me to you.
I started looking at your stories and photos, seeing all these young moms and women taking care of themselves when they could have a lot of excuses (new babies are unpredictable and exhausting in the best ways ha!) it made me realize I too can do this. I wish I had done this when I was their age. I wish I started when I was 20 something or 30 something, but that’s not my reality. So now is the time.
And you said something to me “ when you are ready to truly commit to you that’s when this journey will be magic. Easy? No. But Sarah it will be worth it in more ways than I can ever explain.”
Thank you for taking the time with me, I am ready for this journey. It may have taken me a LONG time, but here I am ready to do this.
I am writing you this in hopes that it can inspire even 1 women to take action because like you told me without change nothing will change. Ladies you won’t regret taking the time with the expert women at Barbella Studio. Here we go! 

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