Why are we waiting until Monday?

June 6, 2019


How many Mondays have come and gone since you have said “I will start Monday!”, “I will get back on track Monday”. Friday after a long day you head out for dinner and drinks or hunker down at home with sweats and take out. You want something easy Friday night, we get that! How do you physically feel after scarfing down a burger, fries, and a pop (can you believe consuming 1 drink can be 230-550 + cals and a ton of sugars!). Maybe you feel relaxed in the moment, but if you knew the health impact each food choice you made everyday of the week has, would you be more conscious? The truth is life should be about balance, not binging. Many of us are “on track” Monday-Thursday but come Friday evening we decide to let it all go, and often let it go right off the deep end. The decisions you make everyday, week in and out all have lasting impact on your long term health. These decisions affect our physical health and body composition, they affect our mental health and happiness hormones, they affect our emotional wellness. Working on reshaping our habits isn’t easy but it can be done with commitment if you truly want to make a change. Friday night take out can still happen! It is about planning better choices, finding those fast food options that are cleaner and more green. Start with something small like ditching your pop for soda water (look for the brands without sugars). Our habits have been created by us and are linked to our emotional triggers; Friday night you are tired, when you are tired you grab McDonalds. We need to re train our brain and work on our habits that link to that moment when we grab our burger and fries Friday night. Being healthy is not just being physically fit but it is about being emotionally and mentally fit. Our daily habits tell a story about us and we have created our habits, they are within our control. Learning tools for you to live a balanced life where you move everyday (this sweat and release is a must for your mind and body!), you are aware of what fuels your body and makes you feel well (truly connecting to your body), and doing things to make you feel happy are all a part of your total health package.
Lets stop waiting for Monday, Monday has come and gone week after week. There will never be this magical “perfect” time to start. The time is now because soon enough you will blink and 10 years will pass and you will wish you had started “Monday” many years ago.
It wont all be easy, but trust me every ounce of work and commitment to your best health will be worth it. Love yourself, value yourself and make YOU a priority each and everyday.
XO Alana 

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