New Year! New You!

December 31, 2018


As a New Year is almost here many of us are making our resolutions!
Why is it that after a few short weeks into January often our resolutions fall to the way side. Was it because our resolutions are out of reach?
Not at all! Your goals are achievable, we can assure you of this! Creating clarity and a proper plan is an absolute to truly living the path that will take you to your resolutions this year.

If your goal for 2019 is to lose weight. You might clean out your cupboards and fill them back up with healthy food as well as signing up at a gym and hoping on the cardio equipment your first few weeks. What happens next? momentum can fade quickly.

Let’s take losing weight and break it down to smaller goals to simplify the journey for your success!

2019 Weight loss goal; lose 30lbs by July 20th.

Week 1; journal every single night before bed 1 simple healthy thing you did today, and read it over to yourself. Walk/bike/elliptical (whatever makes you feel excited!) for 30 minutes over the course of the week. Add a vegetable to every dinner you eat.

Week 2; keep writing 1 positive, healthy habit you did each day. Let’s up that cardio to 45minutes spread out over the course of your week. Start each morning with a litre of room temperature lime water before you do anything else. 

Week 3; journal each night about 1 positive, healthy habit you rocked that day. Get your 45 minutes of cardio in over the course of the week and choose one that makes you feel good! Start every morning with your litre of room temperature lime water. Each day make the time to plank on your forearms for 20 seconds.

Having clarity on what you want and why is the first major step. From their creating a step by step road map will help make your ultimate goal more achievable. Remember it takes consistency, new planned habits and commitment to your goal.

If you’re looking to truly make 2019 your healthiest year yet connect with us. Barbella Coaches work with you to create a custom fit plan for you that will leave you feeling inspired, empowered and clear on how you will live your results 2019. ❤️ 

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