Lifestyle Habits: The Power in Choice

December 2, 2018


The most powerful tools we have as humans is the power of choice. We actively choose if we want or do not want to do or say something. I have found over the last few years, including myself, that food is one of the biggest every day choices we consider. “What do I feel like eating?” “Should I eat that?” “I will start my diet tomorrow”. 


We are told from a young age “don’t touch the treats” or “if you’re good and eat your dinner you can have a treat”. As humans, we always want what we can’t have. This firmly applies to food. If you were to put a jar of cookies out on the counter and told someone “don’t touch the cookies” they would be more likely to sneak them in guilt. Wording the conversation differently like “There are cookies on the counter if you’d like to take one” eliminates the sneaking factor as it is now an option they must decide on their own. When you make it known that there is food present and it’s perceived more as an option to the person, they are more likely not to over do it. In some cases, I am sure some people will still over do it, but you take away the guilt and judgement. When you are craving a donut and it’s been on your mind for one or two days, it is better to go buy the donut guilt free and enjoy it than wait one to two weeks because you were trying to fight the craving. In most cases, this will result in binge eating. 


Life is all about balance. Work, exercise, food, social life etc. There are ways to slowly ween off of the “bad habits” but still be able to enjoy foods that you love, as long as it’s not happening every single day. Tracking your food intake for a few days can sometimes be the eye opener that some need in order to see that their eating habits are not good. It is a great stepping stone to becoming more conscious of what you are putting into your body. Exercise is extremely helpful in curving what you are eating, as the more regular it becomes the more you want to fuel your body for the next workout. Moderation is very important. There is nothing wrong with living a little and maybe having an extra slice of cake one night. It is the CHOICES you make following that, that make or break you. Do you let that keep you from getting up the next day and exercising? Of course not! You get up and continue life with your regular routine that includes your regular eating and weekly exercise. I guarantee you will feel better afterwards! YOU have the CHOICE of how you want to live your life.

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